Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Talented Mr. Arsham

Brooklyn-based Daniel Arsham has been garnering a bundle of press as of late with his dreamy - and ridiculously cool - works that play on perceptions of both reality and artistic landscapes. Having worked with the likes of Merce Cunningham, Jonah Bokaer and Hedi Slimane, Arsham's impressive resume is almost as impressive as the surreal works he creates with both paper and Ping-Pong ball...and to think he's only 29. Blurring the intersection between the geometric and the pastoral, Arsham's drawings might only be equated to that of Mies van der Rohe riffing on an electric harpsichord. You, however, can interpret for yourself when his third solo exhibition, "Animal Architecture," opens at Perrotin's Paris Gallery on March 20.