Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Cadence Denim

I'm not sure who spiked the cycling punch up in San Francisco, but it's great to see brands like Cadence coming along to literally save the asses of our collective denim. You can spit all the rhymes you want about your Japanese and selvedge, but none stand a chance against the public enemy #1 we call the saddle. Enter the Cadence Reinforced Cycling Denim, a U.S. Cone Denim that comes equipped with a slim cut, a touch of lycra and dual-layered back pockets - perfect for the everyday rider who needs flex, function and a little style. The best part is these jeans appear to perfectly play both roles of street fashion and much-needed utility. And yes, it gives us all yet another reason to keep drinking the bicycle Kool-Aid.

[via Selectism]

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feast Read: Dapper Dan Magazine

And just when we thought all our Movembering was coming to critical mass, Greece-based Dapper Dan Magazine comes along to spike the punch, furthering our celebration of gentlemanly fashion, photography and all the cultural genii that comes from a well-groomed upper lip. I must admit that the content and imagery look quite impressive - I mean, it's hard to say "no" to any publication with a retrospective on the cult magazine Kitsch. They've even thrown in a studio visit to Martino Gamper and interviews with the likes Dries Van Noten and Rick Owens for good measure. Looks like DD will be something worthy of repeated visits (unlike some of your mustaches). And yes, of course, it's available at Colette.

Monday, November 22, 2010

For Your Consideration: Wes Lang

Do yourself a favor and get to know the work of Wes Lang. He's the kind of artist who makes you want to get inked for all the right reasons (and a few rebellious ones for good measure). And even if you're not fireside in the tattoo camp, you can still appreciate the artistry and skill of a steady hand and a tasty dose of vintage macabre. Some of his most recent work is on display at Partners & Spade in NYC until December 5, and let me say it all looks very choice. My personal favorite is "Castles in The Sky" (above), 38x50 inches of jaw-dropping cool.

[images via Wes Lang / Partners & Spade]

Friday, November 19, 2010

Common People Comic

While Jamie Hewlett is best know for creating Tank Girl and all those eclectic Gorillaz characters, very few ever had the pleasure of meeting the rather hip characters he illustrated based on the lyrics of Pulp's Common People. I was recently re-introduced to this little gem, giving a fresh perspective on a time when Mr. Cocker and Co. had the London scene on a string with daft lyrical commentary and an insatiable appetite for all things cool. And yet, two decades later, Cocker's little number on social class still continues to pulse the downtown set, strangely taking the dance floor into another realm of hip with each and every play. Go ahead, bust out the black-rimmed glasses, light up a fag and take her to the supermarket.

[via pulpwiki]

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Martin Wind Runner

Martin is one of those clothing companies that just gets the needs of the cyclist. While many of the camps for functional spandex and space-age flotsam continue to break bank accounts and fall short with the all-important street sensibility, Martin is quietly sneaking in the backdoor with great products, exquisite cuts and a few head-smacking bits of ingenuity for the stylish rider. I recently acquired their "Wind Runner" jacket for the Southern California chill of fall and winter and I must admit I'm more than impressed. In a unique take on the windbreaker, Martin ditches all excess for a minimalist coated cotton that is windproof, waterproof and surprisingly versatile. Extra long sleeves? Check. Extra long tail to cover your "bacon strip"? Check. Slim cut? Check. Magnetic pockets? Interesting check. Side vents and shoulder flex fabrics? Check. Easily mistaken for a leather jacket? Double check. The one downfall might be that I have yet to discover a reason not to wear this jacket. Until then, I guess we'll just keep on riding.

[images via Martin]

Friday, November 12, 2010

Radio Bali

I recently returned from a couple weeks of magic in Bali, scoring a few waves along the way, racing motocycles and dodging the occasional water buffalo. While there, I had the pleasure of spending more than a few days with the crew over at Deus ex Machina. Having recently opened their outpost in the land of the flying scooter, these gear heads have created a compound of surf, moto and artisan cuisine unlike anything I've ever seen (think "Five Summer Stories" remixed with "On Any Sunday" and a couple beers for good measure). Dustin Humphries and Co. decided we head over to Lombok to surf to amidst the jungle howls and prayer calls of this remote place of wonder and mystery. You can read my full account over at the Deus Bali blog. In the meantime, here are a few images to give small taste.