Monday, November 29, 2010

Cadence Denim

I'm not sure who spiked the cycling punch up in San Francisco, but it's great to see brands like Cadence coming along to literally save the asses of our collective denim. You can spit all the rhymes you want about your Japanese and selvedge, but none stand a chance against the public enemy #1 we call the saddle. Enter the Cadence Reinforced Cycling Denim, a U.S. Cone Denim that comes equipped with a slim cut, a touch of lycra and dual-layered back pockets - perfect for the everyday rider who needs flex, function and a little style. The best part is these jeans appear to perfectly play both roles of street fashion and much-needed utility. And yes, it gives us all yet another reason to keep drinking the bicycle Kool-Aid.

[via Selectism]