Monday, July 27, 2009

America the Beautiful

I recently stumbled across this fantastic image from my friend Dave Johnny. Being drunk is one thing. Being drunk with an American flag...artistically patriotic. Crack a Budweiser and check out the rest of the photo set here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Monogrenade "Ce Soir"

If you haven't heard about the Montreal's Monogrenade, today is your lucky day. Apart from having one of the coolest names in music (and rather coy French lyricism), the band has a unique sound that melds the nostalgic Americana folk with digital pop structures that are both infectious and intriguing.

Their most recent video of the song "Ce Soir" from the band's debut album La Saveur des Fruits is a gorgeous example of the magic of stop motion and a friendly reminder that methodical artistry (when done correctly) is way more stylish than digital smoke and mirrors.


[via Fubiz]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scenic Stormtroopers

As much as I'd like to say I hate all things Comic-Con, I must admit my love of these endearing Stormtrooper images I stumbled across at Blinky the Doormat. Despite my rather unsettling feelings about Star Wars junkies, I must say that I can appreciate their fervour and ability to simply not give two shits about what you think of them. In the end, it's all a subtle reminder that even the most robotic of militants still need a hug...and, like the rest of us, have a not-so-secret desire to feed prehistoric pigeons.

[via Blink the Doormat]

Monday, July 20, 2009

Banksy Strikes Africa

Apparently Banksy went under everyone's radar and left his still-mysterious mark on numerous locations in Africa - in particular, Mali, Bamako and Timbuktu. While the Peaches Geldoff is quite entertaining, I'm particularly drawn to the woman hanging the Zebra stripes on the line.

I often ask myself why Banksy is so popular, and along with the mystery of the artist(s), I think it's the unique incorporation of creativity with the landmarks, positioning and surrounding cultural identities (see his West Bank trip). Plus, the imagery is just cool as hell. The work brings a renewed life and vision to venues that most would look through or around without a second glance. Banksy takes the second...and a third...and even a fourth to give us something truly unique for our generation of politically-driven artists.

[via Kitune Noir]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How To Tie A Bow Tie

With the Del Mar opening day just around the corner, I decided there was no better time to jump on the bow tie bandwagon. After much deliberation, I settled on a plaid number from Benjamin Bixby that has me reeling for Wednesday afternoon and a day full of horses, cougars, and Dom. There is, however, one problem: I don't know how to tie the illusive bow tie. Enter the following video from New York-based David Hart. The video is not only informative, but it's mildly entertaining...and yes, I'm already picking out bow tie purchase number two from Mr. David Hart himself (see selections below).

Friday, July 17, 2009

What the Wild Things Are Skating

Sadly, I didn't make the shortlist of day19's 5D photo contest. However, I paid their blog a visit this morning to check out the finalists and stumbled across these amazing Where the Wild Things Are skate decks from Girl (which was co-founded by the film's director Spike Jonze). I'm especially enthralled with the fourth one in which the creature's eyes are saturated with so much emotion and thought. Not sure if these will be available to the public any time soon, but they're a tasty appetizer for the film of which I cannot wait to see over and over.

[via day19]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 Summer Classics

The other day, a close photographer friend of mine enlightened me to a simple truth that we men often forget: the watch is indeed our only accessory. Now, as much as I agree with this statement, I decided to dedicate today to finding a couple additional items to compliment any man's summer outfit.

Seiko G757 Sports 100 Watch

Any watch used by 007 to hunt down a Fabergé egg in Octopussy is good in my book. I love how the squared-off vintage shape perfectly compliments the digital face. Too bad it doesn't have Q's orginial tracking systems.

Pilot Fineliner Pens

Classic design, easy to hold, and a working life of about 9 seconds, make these pens a treasure. Their striking colorways and bold strokes make these essential tools for any man and his notes.

Jack Spade Anchor Credit Card Holder

I recently stumbled across these while in New York last month and I must say the sleek silouette, vegetable tanned leather and embossed anchors make it difficult to keep this hidden away. This may be the perfect wallet for summer 09.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Harley Davidson Fashions 1910s-1950

I recently stumbled across Rin Tanaka's "Harley Davidson Book of Fashions: 1910s-1950s" and I am more than obsessed with the imagery. Gone are all the stereotypical lore of leather, beards and hell's angels. Instead, it's a surreal journey into a working-class era full of freedom, adventure, necessity and style - all of which creates a rather elegant viewing experience. As much as I love this book, I do find it kind of odd that the master of American vintage fashion books comes from abroad (same goes for timeless Ivy League fashions). But it cannot be denied that Rin Tanaka has an eye and level of taste that is both interesting and inspiring.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brooks for Summer

With beautiful limited-edition colored saddles and this amazing basket (above) Brooks gives us all two more reason to ditch the car keys and get on the bike this summer. And yes, that basket has a leather handle.

via [selectism]

Urban Outfitter Fixed

I think it was only a matter of time before Urban Outfitters opened their own bike shop (in fact, I'm a bit surprised it took this long). The Philly-based lifestyle juggernaut has joined forces with Republic Bike to - wait for it - build custom fixed-gear bikes. This shocker of an idea provides a unique, and rather budget friendly way for the average consumer to feel like the average hipster with custom frames (52cm, 54cm, and 59cm), saddles, chains and paint. To be quite honest, I'm into the aesthetics and idea of this concept...I just hope they're a bit more durable then the clothing.

Urban Outfitters Bikes

via [Acquire]