Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 Summer Classics

The other day, a close photographer friend of mine enlightened me to a simple truth that we men often forget: the watch is indeed our only accessory. Now, as much as I agree with this statement, I decided to dedicate today to finding a couple additional items to compliment any man's summer outfit.

Seiko G757 Sports 100 Watch

Any watch used by 007 to hunt down a Fabergé egg in Octopussy is good in my book. I love how the squared-off vintage shape perfectly compliments the digital face. Too bad it doesn't have Q's orginial tracking systems.

Pilot Fineliner Pens

Classic design, easy to hold, and a working life of about 9 seconds, make these pens a treasure. Their striking colorways and bold strokes make these essential tools for any man and his notes.

Jack Spade Anchor Credit Card Holder

I recently stumbled across these while in New York last month and I must say the sleek silouette, vegetable tanned leather and embossed anchors make it difficult to keep this hidden away. This may be the perfect wallet for summer 09.