Thursday, August 26, 2010

Puma After Hours Athlete

Any lingering doubts regarding the athleticism of your beer-fueled "triple 20" or picking up an elusive 7-10 split with nacho cheese on your upper lip are creatively put to rest by Puma and this clever spot celebrating the "after hours athlete." For those on the continued search for the perfect billiards buzz, devilish skee-ball english, and the fuel of twilight burritos, we salute you with bloodshot eyes and glasses held high.

[via CR]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mongol Rally x F.S.C.

While some of us are deliberating plans for Labor Day weekend, three young gentry's from New York are currently up to their well-suited ankles in the dust, dirt and occasional landmine fields that lie between London and Mongolia. The team goes by the name "Renegade Pencils" and their mission is to cover some 10,000 miles of rugged terrain in a refurbished ambulance, turning a few heads along the way and raising money for Pencils for Promise, an organization which helps bring schools and education to many of the impoverished nations through which they'll be traveling. And in true Kipling form, Freemans Sporting Club has outfitted the team in their best whites, because no man should be stranded in the Khyber Pass without a sense of style, composure and well-tailored craftsmanship. And face it, white suits just look badass - especially when you're pulling your best Michael Caine impression while stuck in a late-summer Mongol blizzard.

[via F.S.C.]

Friday, August 6, 2010

Matchbox Graffiti

What's better than European graffiti? Miniature European graffiti in stop motion, of course. In case you've never heard of Tumblingerstra├če, it's a rather infamous stretch of creativity in Munich where graffiti is actually legal, and this clever matchbox-size short film is almost enough to make me book a ticket.

[via Like Cool]

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Them Rag

And just in case you needed another reason to not read my blog and pick up something more tangible, might I recommend you check out LA-based Them Rag. Along with running their own apparel line, Them Atelier, the rag is a print magazine featuring contributions from such LA artisans as 1451, Todd Weaver, We are the World, Elf, Diana Contreras, and Warpaint. The best part of such collaborations is that even though much of the content is driven toward fashion and art, the visuals, layouts and interviews provide enough sensual candy for even the most cynical of cultural bores. Have a look at some of the images below and check out issue #2 here.