Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Porsche Celebrates 60 Years In America

Just because I don't own a car does not mean I can't appreciate (or pine after) the sleek racing machines that Ferry Porsche first brought to our shores some 60 years ago. Since that first 356 landed on American shores, Porsche has made an indelible mark on more than just roads and raceways. With roots planted in the racing world, Porsche has cast it's spell on all forms of art and culture, ranging from film and television to the unforgettable graphic designs of Max Huber and Erich Strenger. In my mind, what makes Porsche truly unique is that stylistically it's so much more than a car, creating an experience that is a treat for the senses - whether you're driving or gawking. For me, Porsche is a hybrid of the owner, speaking volumes to discerning tastes and an appreciation for ultimate function balanced with disgusting amounts of raw and pure style.

[via Selectism]