Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rapha Builders

Over the past three years Rapha has teamed up with some of the finest bicycle artisans to create custom frames for their fleet of Continental team bikes. Titled Builders, Rapha has collected images and interviews of their hand-crafted journeys to create a unique behind-the-scenes look into the greasy workshops and lugged minds of such builders as Igleheart, Bilenky, MOOTS, and Ira Ryan (my favorite). What I love most about the images is their ability to visually recreate the sounds and sizzles of welders, hammers, and sheer enthusiasm of the builder. More than anything, the Builders experience gives fresh perspectives to our two-wheeled adventures and unexplainable love affair of gravel, grease and gears, introducing the "craftsmen, artists and sometimes bicycle therapists who all share our passion for the beauty that comes from riding hard and the style in which it should be done."