Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MAKR Two Tone Flap Wallet

I recently had a mildy beer-fueled discussion with a young lady who was arguing for the importance of a man's footwear and what it says about the gentleman on the whole. Now, while I am in full concurrence with her sentiments (along with the vitality of a solid time piece), I must now argue for the importance of the invisibles, a.k.a. the wallet that quietly sits inside the pockets of a modern gentry. It must be understood that even though I do miss my "genuine leather" Lions Club wallet passed on from my grandfather (with branded club logo, mind you), MAKR has created a line of goods perfectly capable of not only replacing such losses, but making you want to pull the damn thing out as much as humanly possible. MAKR's recent Two Tone Flap Wallet collaboration with Acrimony is no different, making for an item that converges both function and style with Horween leather, hand-stitched detailing and a unique colorway strap that will most assuredly only improve with age and wear. The wallet has yet to be "officially" released, but my guess is that once released it'll find a welcome place next to my iPhone on the dining table. That is, until someone finally allows me to put my feet up during dinner.

[via Selectism]