Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Giro de Stone

The traditional keg run took on an entirely different meaning this past weekend when a small crew of us saddled onto our bikes and made the 40-mile round-trip ride to Stone Brewing in Escondido. It's something that few - if anyone - has ever attempted in this land where cars riddle the roads with songs of smog, noise and mind-numbing congestion. We subbed pedals for metals and found strange pleasure in crippling hills, sweeping turns and the more-than-occasional lycra joke. More than anything, the point of the trip was to not only make people rethink their transport (if just for a keg), but also point out some of the overlooked sustainable practices at Stone, such as their reclaimed materials and equipment, solar electrics and reuse of brewing yeasts for biodiesel. Personally, I'd like to see a collaboration between Apolis Activism and Stone, but that's just me hoping the boys at AA actually read this blog. In the meantime, crack a Stone and enjoy the images.