Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wax Poetic

After spending the last five days in New York, I must admit it's hard to get past the trends that are relentlessly littering the city: neo-Americana, filiment bulbs, taxidermy, mustaches, tight rolls, speakeasies, and the reclamation of just about everything. While I could spill my guts on all these for hours, there's one element that has my attention more than any other...wax. From the limited-edition Le Labo candles at the Ace Hotel to wax-coated Fjallraven packs at Opening Ceremony to the timeless Belstaff jackets that have now seemingly replaced the tattered leather biker jackets of the downtown set, wax has snuck back onto the radar with a functional sensibility perfect for a time when pure form alone has been pushed into the closet. Truthfully, this all could've resulted from my walking around jacket-less in the rain and thinking how nice it would've been to have something to repel all the misery. However, all precipitation aside, here are a few images of some favorites that - rain or shine - would make any day better.