Friday, April 9, 2010

Subject Matter: Day Bags

Jeff Ricker's handcrafted bags provide countless reasons for us all to plan a day trip to the lake or beach, with a weathered look and feel that will most definitely provide double-takes and numerous people asking "where'd you get that?" Ricker balances vintage materials, modern aesthetics and impeccable detailing to create bags fit for just about any occasion. My personal favorite is the "Camp Buck" (above), which takes the US Navy bag to another level with near-indestructible canvas duck (that only gets better with age) and beautifully understated military striping - all, of course, individually signed and numbered. And for those of us who live on bike, allow me to introduce the Fjallraven Vintage Backpack, which not only continues my obsession with all things Scandanavia, but also the sweet sounds of form and function with waterproof canvas and sturdy leather strapping. You can see more of Ricker's craft here, and check out more from Fjallraven at Assembly NY.