Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Black Parade

As much as I love to splash color into my wardrobe (and general lifestyle), I always find myself intrinsically attached to the dueling contrast between black and white. Maybe it's my love of black-and-white cinema...maybe it's because I appreciate subtle attraction in a wardrobe...or maybe it's just the devil and all his little, dark helpers. And just when I think I'm finding more colorways sneaking into my closet, I stumble across such brilliance as H&M's new bondage-inspired Divided Line and Craig McCabe's death-friendly shoot that is as much beautiful and dreamy as it is ghostly and altogether creepy. Either way, the shots and pieces are a sight to behold - whether in print or your closet.

Then there's new album from the Dead Weather, which features a gorgeously dark image of Allison Mosshart (whom we all know from the Kills). Yes, I'm ecstatic about the album, but more importantly I love the cover design with Allison drenched in eerie contrast, surreal nature and a lavish darkness.

And what have I done in response to all this? One look at all of today's rather dark Topman purchases will help answer that question.