Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Island: Full Version

I'm not one for posting things that have a limited shelf life. However, I am willing to make the occasional exception for Vincent Moon. And as luck would have it, the crew over at Pitchfork has posted a one-week-only showing of An Island, the Vincent Moon and Efterklang collaboration that I've been ranting about to everyone within reach. What makes Moon's work here truly striking is the ability to visually capture the emotions of Efterklang's music, the landscape, and the people who inhabit the tiny Danish island, all within a beautifully composed 45-minute suite. With the help of some locals, some rather deft miking, and a few found objects, both Efterklang and Moon blur the lines we often draw between "noise" and "music." Feet stomping, hands clapping, balloons popping, boots splashing, newspapers crumpling...all creating a sweeping sensory kaleidoscope that will have you itching for the nearest noisemaker. I'm not exactly sure when the viewing party will end, so I highly recommend you grab a couple sticks and hit play right now.