Monday, February 7, 2011

The Strokes: "Under the Cover of Darkness"

I often liken the Strokes to Captain Planet: five socially awkward members of society who, apart from each other, find themselves fumbling around the mire of earthly insubordination, only to find their powers combining to create an intergalactic phenomenon of cool. Now while (thankfully) none of the gents in the Strokes have toxic green hair or enough time for a little P.S.A., they have politely offered to drop a 30-second amuse bouche of what might be the most anticipated album of 2011 (titled Angles and due March 22). The first single is titled "Under the Cover of Darkness," and it is truly a refreshing blast back to the catchy roots that made us all fall in love with them way back amidst the "Is This It" renaissance. Yes, they're back. Yes, it sounds delectible. Yes, I'll stop ranting...well, until the single officially drops on February 11th.

[via PMA]