Friday, February 11, 2011

OG: August Sander

Haunting. Hypnotic. Surreal. Intoxicating. Call his work what you like, but few (if any) portrait artists can touch the work of August Sander. The man single-handedly mastered the medium full-circle, creating images that not only capture the characters amidst their natural habitats, but also speak volumes to their present societies, stories and personal style. Gentleman or gypsy, nobody was safe from his lens. And with New York Fashion Week in full roar, you can expect many photogs trying their hand at the craft. Shutters will fly, auteurs will flex their apertured muscle and the Sartorialist will probably hit a few inspirational marks...and yet most won't even know the importance of a man named Sander.

[images via MoMA and Getty]