Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mick Rock: Exposed

The truth of the matter is that Mick Rock defined rock n' roll photography. To be more precise, he refined the art and branded our favorite musicians into our psyche with an in-your-face bravado and raw, unrelenting sex appeal. What makes Rock's work so special is that they are just as relevant today (see Daft Punk) as they were when he first shot a relatively unknown Bowie back in '72. Warhol, Reed, Harry, Mercury...the list goes on. And yet each image is as engulfing as the next, balancing a punch-to-the-face energy with a delicate (and occasionally black) eye. I'm lucky (and proud) to say I've hung with Rock on more than a few occasions and when you're around the guy it's almost as if you can feel the raw stardust pumping through your veins. A few of our friends from Mick's compound were kind enough to send over some of the legendary images that will be on display this weekend at Confederacy in Los Angeles, celebrating the launch of his new book, Exposed: the Faces of Rock n' Roll. Go ahead, put on some Iggy, take a pull of whiskey and enjoy the show.

[images via Feralcat]