Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Lobby-ist

Being the season, I'll let you in on the first of many resolutions for the coming year: the Eames Time Life Lobby Chair. You see, there are chairs. There are great chairs. And then there's the Eames Lobby Chair. A chair so great that chess wizard Bobby Fischer recognized its comfort and requested it as his seating choice for the 1972 World Chess Championship. Even better might be the fact that when his opponent Boris Spaasky saw the chair, he refused to castle a single piece until he received one as well. Now while most in my circle know my passion for the Eames Lounge - the penultimate throne of all things mid-century - I must admit that I do have a soft spot for the Lobby Chair. It's a perfect example of the simple yet precise approach to furniture that leads most of us to a place of near-obsessive want and desire, haplessly fumbling for Nagouchi quotes and Nelson references to comfort our addiction. Timeless, historic, comfortable. Check, mate.

[via Daily Icon]