Monday, February 1, 2010

The House of Gitman Vintage

As a card-carrying sucker for American craftsmanship, I recently decided to further investigate Gitman Vintage and their forthcoming collection of heritage shirts for Spring/Summer 2010. For those unfamiliar with the the Gitman name, I point you to Ashland, PA and a team of skillful artisans who've carefully crafted shirts by hand since they opened their doors back in 1978. The result of such craftsmanship is a collection of exquisite shirts for the modern gentleman who appreciates the past while living (and dressing) for the present. Inspired by that summer of 1984, their Spring/Summer 2010 collection uses archival fabrics and linebooks to create a line that ranges from perfectly-washed oxfords to whimsical madras to antique seersucker. Oh, and let's not forget the cross-stitched "Gitman Bros. Est. 1978" label, which provides that extra assurance that you've just purchased a hand-crafted piece of American magic.