Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amato's Closing Scene

Apart from a plane landing in the Hudson and a migrant worker carefully combing his hopeless mustache at my bus stop, I did stumble across an article today that somehow grabbed my attention. Yes, my friends, on May 31, New York's Amato Opera will lower its tattered curtains - and some 60 years of cult-opera - one last time.

With a location on the infamous Bowery, there's now doubt Anthony Amato has seen his fare share of change in an area that has seen legends made (thank you CBGB), legends inspired (thank you CBGD bathrooms), and legends fall (thank you CBGB and surrounding junkies). Sadly, what was once a training ground for "up-and-coming profesionals" has now become another iconic landmark lost to the rising rents and commercialization of one of New York's most infamous streets.

Who needs “La Bohème” with such present-day tragedy?