Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Dance

Anyone who has ever had the illustrious opportunity to witness LCD Soundsystem live can surely sympathize with my excitement over the upcoming premiere of "Shut Up and Play the Hits" at Sundance (cue shameless plug and hopeless begging for tickets to premiere) and my depression that I will never have the chance to see them again (cue 2020 Coachella reunion rumors?). The film follows James Murphy in the days leading up to LCD's final show at Madison Square Garden, the days after, and all the mysteries of what's next for the DFA grand wizard. And while the film release is plenty exciting, the trailer here is enough to spark nostalgia for the LCD experience, which for those who've never been I can only describe as like being at the best dance party with all your friends whom you've never met, but seem to know oh so well for those few magical hours (including the guy in the panda outfit).

[via twitchfilm]