Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chefs on Sundays

Most of us in the food world (and some of you out of the food world as well) often wonder what a chef prepares on his or her day of rest. You know, on the day they aren't yelling at young servers and personally attacking their dignity over a diner's petty allergy mix-up. I digress. Anyway, leave to I Love You magazine founder Marcus Gaab to go all Tim Burton on us with a beautiful series of stop-motion shorts that bring together the sights, sounds and inspirations of today's most notable kitchen artists. So far the series has included Max Levy, Mark Hix, Marcus Samuelsson, and my personal favorite meat-heads Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal. While I must admit to bumming out on the complete waste of wine and oysters in the Mark Hix video, the style and content here definitely deserve a slow clap from the clean-plate club. Cheers to Nowness for these!