Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fantastic Five

I've been meaning to banter on Fantastic Man's blog for some time now, but haven't quite found the right content to get my blood bubbling (think too many gladiator sandals and other questionable European accoutrements). The concept is simple: five items added for every day of the work week. Simple, stylish, effective, and rather addictive. Last week they absolutely nailed it with five "miscellaneous" items that every gentleman (and Gentlewoman) should consider for the summer. Whether it's the in-the-know Porter rucksack, the long-forgotten Mr. Goodbar or the understated magic of Dunhill's blue welt (above),  this weekly collection of images should provide you plenty of sun-kissed inspirations for time-wasting, candy cravings and the welcome ditching of your summer tote.