Monday, January 31, 2011

Atelier Franck Durand: "Man About Town"

Most videos I receive from friends often fall short of memorable. Then there's ones like this from Atelier Franck Durand that stick with you in your day dreams, night visions and everywhere in between. Soundtracked with Ricky Nelson's legendary It's All in the Game, this insanely cool short film features the talents of Kilian Martin's four-wheeled waltzes and Durand's impressive styling to match (think Dior Homme, John Varvatos, and Uniqlo). While I love the derelict fairground setting (is that a broke-down Gravitron?), the unique artistic touches - like Martin's colored socks and coy slides of hands into pockets - that make this worth repeated visits. And next time you're having trouble breaking in your Vans, think of what Martin does here in a well-polished pair of Church's.

[via the wonderlust journal]