Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Return to Thunderdrome!

Back in August, a team of Detroit-based landscape renegades who go by name The Mower Gang stumbled across the decrepit Dorais Velodrome in the heart of the Motor City. Beaten, cracked and weathered from years of neglect, the team took their weed whackers of fury to the track, and as you would've guessed, they've made it race-ready for a series of upcoming races, aptly calling the event Thunderdrome. The best part about this race - apart from the lack of walls - might be that all proceeds go back into velodrome maintenance and Detroit Parks and Recreation. And let's face it, if Mad Max had to make his triumphant re-return on a fixie of moped, I see no better setting than the gristled badlands of Detroit. Granted, my Michigan roots might spark a little extra bias, but when you consider the fall-of-Rome plight of Motown and the creative ingenuity that's currently pulsating through the city, Thunderdrome is proof that some revolutions (literally) start with two wheels.

[via Hipster Nascar and]