Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dymaxion #4

It's hard to imagine anything "anti" without Buckminster Fuller and his black-rimmed genius coming to mind. He was a geometric and vertical maverick of both the simple and the grandiose, creating complex designs that were laced with heavy doses of pomp, yet always remained oddly approachable. One such combination of "Bucky" audacity was his infamous Dymaxion Car, which has recently been brought back to life by the vintagents of Croswaite & Gardner and the vision of Norman Foster. The project revisits and rebuilds the mythical vehicle, launching "Car #4" (above) as a tribute to Fuller and the Dymaxion story - the previous 3 cars built enjoyed brief moments of glory before tragic deaths in post-war middle-American scrap heaps. It is story of triumph and tragedy, breathing new life into a three-wheeled fuel-efficient fantasy of aeronautic futurism and nautical inspiration (think aluminum-coated wooden frame). A teardrop, if you will, of nonsensical bravado and modernism that celebrates the "anti" in all of us.