Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Brothers Mast

I've been begging for the right opportunity to rant on the confections from the Brothers Mast, but have continually postponed due to my yearning to keep these guys as much to myself as humanly possible - I mean, we all like to have a little trump card for a rainy day, right? Thanks to The Scout, however, I can no longer do so, and must continue on the journey of elevating these masters of craft chocolate to all my friends (and readers). Both Rick and Michael have created something truly special, something based in the art and soul of a voyage into curiosity and our passions for what the Aztecs aptly titled "the food of gods." Chocolate is something that of which everyone can relate, creating stories, generating memories and, according to the Mast Brothers, bringing together our love affair with the spirit of craft and (most importantly) all our playful "childlike curiosities." And yes, they also inspire me to buy a pinstripe apron, dabble in a little bearded sailing hijinks, and maybe sink my teeth into a perfectly constructed 72% Madagascar godsend. Cue hunger. Cue the artisans. Cue bagpipes. Willy, eat your heart out.