Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Made Company Pocket Axe

While woodsy Americana gracefully saunters ever forward, we should all naturally be drawn to the following question: You can wear the plaid, but can you wield the axe? Now, while I haven't swung an axe in some time, I will happily admit that the Best Made Company Pocket Axe has me itching to hack away at some innocent timber. And why not? BMC founders Peter-Buchanan Smith and Graeme Cameron started their company based on their simple yearning for a good piece of hickory and steel. (And of course, their theme song is "Chopping Time" by The Billie Hollies.) Now, while a painted axe handle doesn't exactly spark images of muscle and sweat, BMC uses the color - as well as individual branding and a leather wrist strap - to create a blade that will most certainly turn heads both in and out of the cabin. Is it weird if I wish the red colorway is authentic ox blood?