Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ACE Hotel Portland

Despite the hype surrounding the recent opening of the ACE Hotel New York, I must admit I'm a sucker for ACE Portland. (Even the New York location hosts parties for people from the Pacific Northwest!) And their recent collaborations and packages have placed Portland on the top of my fall weekend destinations.

TRANSPORT: As of October 1, ACE has teamed with Portland-based Swobo bikes to generate a fleet of six signature "Otis" bikes for their guests (each customized by 6 different local bike shops). Each sturdy bike comes equipped with stylish splash fenders, step-through options and three not-so-hipster speeds.

DRINK: Portland-based House Spirits has teamed with ACE Portland to not only stock their minibars with limited-edition artisan spirits, but also provide an optional cocktail kit fresh citrus, bucket of ice, cocktail shaker, jigger, and martini glasses, plus cocktail recipe cards designed by the master distillers at House Spirits to "take advantage of your minibar offerings." Drinking in the room has never been so cool!

PDX DATE PACKAGE: ACE Portland is offering a "PDX Date Package" that (with your stay) includes a reservation at Ground Control Arcade, sack of quarters, 6-pack of PBR and a map of Portland's best make-out spots.

1022 SW Starck St.
Portland, OR 97205